Tradition and innovation

From the huge passion for the real beauty of natural stone and the desire of modernity, we have created THERMARBLE.

Thermarble means Made in Italy: from the design and technology to the stones, which are extracted from Italian quarries. Moreover Thermarble is reimagining of the traditional radiator, furnishing accessory, object of innovative design. Thermarble embodies a clever combination of modernised heating technologies with the oldest form of heat radiation and heat retention.

Thermarble unique features:

Integrated technology: the only visible part is a perfect and smooth slab of natural stone, with a cleanand linear design, the eye of the viewer won’t be disturbed by any technological element

Elegance: natural beauty

Durability: high resistance to thermal shocks

Versatility: usable for residential and contract projects

Exclusivity: each slab of natural stone is a piece of art, as it owns unique and unrepeatable colors and veins given by mother nature.