Living with thermarble

Home traditionally means warmth, in terms of feeling and envirnonment. This concept was already clear to our ancestors,in fact they builtby themselves their homes, using their own hands and natural stones because they knew the advatages of natural material. Natural stone is able to retain heat and radiate it constantly. The natural heat radiation of the stone allows you to live in an environment where well being is really enhanced, since:

the temperature is consistant from floor to ceiling

you avoid a vortex of warm air which is typical of common connective systems

you have optimal humidity in the rooms

the full integration of the technology in a single marble slab, allows you to enjoy both the beauty of a unique slab of stone in your home as well as the heating benefits.

This implies the opportunity to live in a dust-free environment, without any allergenic elements, so that you live in healthier spaces. Therefore Thermarble could be used even in non-domestic enviroments such as:

Luxury hotels, Health Clubs, SPAs and Medical Studies.

Thermarble radiators give design freedom to architects and designers thanks to: the personalization of their size, the fitting which could be vertical or horizontal, easy integration with existing systems, reducened thickness, the choice of the stones as nature provides almost unlimited range of them.

The thermo properties of the stone guarantee more than 75% of heat radiation from the front. Additionally the heat is kept constant for a long period of time once the power supply phase has finished. In fact Thermarble radiators use only the necessary power to keep the desidered temperature.